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Place your trust inside the Circle.

Foodservice and manufacturers need a fresh beef they can count on to be consistent and delivered on time. Circle T Beef™ is exactly that.

Tasty. Circle T Beef has a hearty beef flavor that adds richness to any dish.
Consistent. Customers need beef cut to exacting specifications. Circle T Beef strives to be cut perfectly to spec.
Fresh. For rich color and full beef flavor, fresh is best. Circle T Beef strives to be the freshest beef available.
Regional. Circle T Beef’s regional locations are the backbone of our freshness promise and a way to support local economies.

Few processors can match our freshness.
We process cattle on-site at Cargill’s three regional plants in Wyalusing, Pa. and Fresno, Calif., and can deliver our beef to you quickly, maximizing freshness. Chilled USDA-graded beef carcasses are skillfully fabricated by our expert meat cutters into the desired products. Highly trained quality-assurance technicians ensure that all products meet our strict standards through constant production audits. Our control from start to finish and our commitment to service ensures that you receive the freshest product possible with optimal shelf life.

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Faster and fresher than the competition.
Because Circle T Beef is produced regionally, we can deliver more quickly than many of our competitors’ distant national plants. Circle T Beef is only eight hours or less from more than 120 million people, which helps Circle T Beef provide just-in-time inventory needs for our customers. Our plants are also smaller, so they’re more agile and responsive to our customers’ needs.

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