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Our commitment to food safety.

Throughout the Cargill plants that produce Circle T Beef, we employ antimicrobial interventions for cleanliness to help produce quality beef.
Carcass mapping monitors the effectiveness of our interventions.
Organic acid rinse of our carcasses helps remove microbial contaminants.
Thermal intervention helps reduce harmful bacteria.

Maintaining appropriately cold temperatures helps ensure optimal color, flavor and shelf life.
Carcass spray chilling cools carcasses quickly.

We deliver to your specifications. Circle T Beef strives to be exactly what you ordered.

On TimeOn-Time.
Circle T Beef is committed to delivering fresh beef.
Best-practice shipping will deliver the freshest product possible.
Regional locations allow for quick delivery and eliminate out-of-stocks.
Track your order with around-the-clock customer service.

*Remember that food safety is everyone’s business. Proper handling and cooking of raw meats is required.

Our process begins with USDA-inspected beef sourced from carefully selected producers who must comply with strict industry standards. These cattle meet our criteria time after time, producing excellent quality beef for you and your customers.

Clean, Cold, Correct and On-Time™.
It’s what we strive for. Circle T Beef™ follows the strict standards set by Cargill when it comes to food safety. Interventions are integrated into our processes at microbiologically critical points throughout the entire process to deliver Circle T Beef to you Clean, Cold, Correct and On-Time™.

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