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What makes Circle T Beef™ so special?

Circle T Beef™ is a high-performing brand that targets foodservice and manufacturing as the destination for fresh, great-tasting beef.

Produced by a global leader.
Circle T Beef is produced by Cargill, and Cargill is one of the top manufacturers of beef in North America. Circle T Beef benefits from Cargill’s technology, innovative processes, operational efficiency and ability to turn consumer insights into effective products. As a Cargill brand, Circle T Beef benefits from being produced by one of the global leaders in the agricultural goods business.

Our expertise ensures that Circle T Beef consistently adheres to product specifications. That consistency helps manufacturing and foodservice optimize profits. We have the flexibility to tailor Circle T Beef orders to fill customers’ specific needs. That consistency and flexibility add up to customization. We can customize our products to suit your needs.

Trust us.
As promised, Circle T Beef will meet the standards Cargill has set. Our products will be delivered on time and to spec.

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We’re committed to you.
Who are we? We are the thousands of dedicated employees, scientists and customer-service team members from Cargill. From great-tasting meat to state-of-the-art processes, the employees at Cargill are committed to providing customers with what they want. You’ll see this commitment at all of our locations around the globe. It permeates the rich history of our brands. And it serves as the foundation for our processes and philosophy as we look for innovative ways to provide great-tasting beef to our customers.

A promise, signed, sealed and delivered.
Circle T Beef is based on integrity. As promised, Circle T Beef will meet the Cargill standards. The cuts of beef in our boxes are what we say they are and meet rigid specifications. We promise.

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